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Elsa Frozen
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There are moments when we need to play flush games for various reasons. One of the best flush games is curve fever. There are various reasons to play curve fever. Bored while travelling in a bus? Train?Flight?Or probably you want an interactive game to keep your brain thinking and alert while waiting for someone or something and finally another major reason to play curve fever is because it’s your best type of game and you wouldn’t go a day without experiencing it.
Flush game are meant to give the user quality and real time experience of the challenges and the gamers can now experience that in curve fever.curve fever can be experienced by going to from the site you will be able to select player. The player names have various names with both male and feminine names, next you will have to select or dedicate your preferred keys for turning left and right. After assigning curve fever keys you will be able to select arcade or classic in the game type section and you can play both in single player against the computer or multiplayer against your friends. Click start and start enjoying curve fever.
Already on curve fever gameplay and wondering what to do next? Wonder no morethe game has basic and simple rules. The rules are don’t cross your own line at undesignated crossing point and secondly don’t cross your competitors lines at undesignated crossing points. Both on your lines and competitors lines there are designated points for crossing. These crossing points on curve fever are gaps left along the lines for crossing. Finally all be lines have different coloring to help you and your opponents differentiate each other’s lines.
From the above brief guideline, you realize that curve fever is meant for everyone, from females to males and from young to next time your online don’t forget to try curve fever.

curve fever, the best flash game in the world, inspired by Achtung in 1995, gained wide popularity on the internet as soon as released. The game offers every player two amazing games, curve fever 1 and curve fever 2. Both of them has breath taking quality, graphics, sound effects and gameplay.
So, you made good decision and decided to play curve fever, you have to sign up with your own nickname or play as a guest. This game offers you two-player game, multiplayer game and game against computer. Besides this curve fever administratio offers all players to take part in online and live tournaments. First tournament was held in Netherlands, which was won by Turkish nations. What about online tournaments? First online tournament held in 2012, which was won by Mikon, Who took first place in rank and got newest generation AMD graphics card. So what are you waiting for? Sign up and play right now!!!
now let’s talk about game, which has very simple rules. You don’t need any sport skills, special computer or console. You can play it now and simultaneously watch your favourite movie, football match or TV Programm and listen music. That’s because that game rules as very simple and is not complicated unlike many other sport strategy games.
No matter if you are plain multiplayer or two player game. After choosing your color you will get a dot at a random spot on the playing field, move at a constant speed. You have the ability to turn left or right, although the turning speed is limited such that sharp turns are not possible. As the dot is moving across the playing field, according your direction it draws a permanent, solid line in its wake, in that color which you have already chosen. In original version there are 6 different lines. Now what is your main mission. Not to collide your own line, in this case you will get the longest line and the highest score, so, you will win.The game becomes more difficult as more of the playing field is blocked off by other lines. Your opponents will try to draw barriers to block the path of your and forcing you into a collision. gaps are being generated time after time that can be used to escape a section of the map that has been blocked off. Finally you will win game when all player besides you are collided.
now, you know how to play world’s popular non sport flash game, so don’t think about play or not to play this. Scroll upward sign up, turn on your favorite music or film and enjoy playing.

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